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 - Frank Zappa
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Miscellaneous Notes for MBA 3rd Semester Students
Learning outline: 1)Business Research Methods Notes 2)FM Notes 3)MIS Notes 4)IR notes AND MANY MORE
Nisar Muheodin - Hyderabad
Institute of Modern Sciences and Arts, Hyderabad
MBA (1 1/2 Year)
Banking & Finance
UBL Employees Designation Vise Break Up Product/Services lines Organizational Structure ,Organizational Structure of Branch Departments of the Bank Comments on the Organizational Structure,St ...
Naeem Akhtar - Lahore
AMDC School of Management Studies
M.Phil Commerce & Finance
internship nbp
internship material contains;PAYMENT ORDERS'PLS TERM DEPOSITS' FOREIGN REMITTANCE'CURRENT ACCOUNT'Deposit Department 'Account Opening Department 'Bills Remittance Department 'SOLE PROPRIETOR ACCOU ...
Dss D4f - Ahmadabad
Virtual University of Pakistan
BBA (Hons.)
internship report
annual report js bank
Toqeer Qayyum - Azad Kashmir
University Of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Bachelor in Accounting & Finance
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The Management of Human Resources (10 Questions)
Attempts: 43
Maximum score:9/10 by Ramiz Ahmed
Masters of Commerce (M.Com)
University of Sindh
Cell Structure and Compartments - Biochemistry MCQs (23 Questions)
Attempts: 1
Maximum score:19/23 by Waqas Fakhar
FSc (Pre Medical)
Superior University - Lahore
Sentence Completion Quiz 2 (25 Questions)
Attempts: 24
Maximum score:21/25 by Ali Wassan
FSc (Pre Engineering)
Defence Authority Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed College, Karachi
Math Quiz_1 (20 Questions)
Attempts: 80
Maximum score:20/20 by Azhar Naeem
FSc (Pre Engineering)
Govt. Murry Collage Sialkot
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