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internship nbp
internship material contains;PAYMENT ORDERS'PLS TERM DEPOSITS' FOREIGN REMITTANCE'CURRENT ACCOUNT'Deposit Department 'Account Opening Department 'Bills Remittance Department 'SOLE PROPRIETOR ACCOU ...
Dss D4f - Ahmadabad
Virtual University of Pakistan
BBA (Hons.)
A case study on Islamic Banking System
Islamic Banking, History, Account Types, Tax Regulations, Financial Instruments, terminologies and key features
King Raid - Hyderabad
University of EAST - Hyderabad
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Governance, Risk and Ethics - ACCA (P1)
A very good book on Governance, Risk and Ethics - ACCA (Paper1)
Syed Ali - Karachi
PAF - Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 2 years
Internship Report, NBP (National Bank of Pakistan)
As part of the academic requirement for completing Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Bussiness Adminstration. The students are required to under go for two (2) months of internship ...
University of Education - Jauharabad
Master in Business Administration (2½- year)
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Physics Quiz_2 (20 Questions)
Attempts: 15
Maximum score:19/20 by Aitizaz Ahsan
B.Sc. (Hons) Physics
University of Sargodha
Biology Quiz_15 (15 Questions)
Attempts: 11
Maximum score:14/15 by Muhammad Shakeel
FSc (Pre Medical)
Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore
The Fundamental Unit of Life (20 Questions)
Attempts: 7
Maximum score:15/20 by Sonia Memon
FSc (Pre Medical)
Virtual University of Pakistan
Corporate Social Responsibility (10 Questions)
Attempts: 45
Maximum score:10/10 by Nawab Ali
FSc (Pre Medical)
GDC Zarobi
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